Shifting Stages


︎︎︎ The pandemic left us with hollow streets. With the easing of restrictions and people going slowly returning, this project aims to celebrate new forms of human interactions that surfaced during the pandemic.

Additionally inspired by two famous William Shakespeare's Quote 'What Is The City But The People?' and 'All the World is a Stage', this project investigates how everyday communal interaction could be transformed and interpreted in dramatic and poetic ways. It takes both of the quotes literally by creating a digital space where the entire surface of the world could act as a musical stage.
Present People Symphony is a website that enables users anywhere in the world to scan their surroundings and discover the hidden musical identity of their environment - enabled by the people around them. Similar to the derive or urban drifting theory, participants are encouraged to take a step back, readapt to their surroundings, and create an archived identity of a moment that exists beyond pictures and videos.