Soda Gembira
Soda Gembira - London’s annual & biggest Indonesian disco night 

Promotional posters and videos, inspired the music itself and 1970-80s design elements.

Altered Senses
[CSM Foundation Degree Show]
Interactive installation
Colors are intended to be seen, but what if you are able to hear or even feel them? This project serves as a loose interpretation of synesthesia. Through the use of designed products and experiences, Altered Senses invites the audience to widen their perspectives and understand the invisible.

The Wheeled Orchestra
Interactive UI, Creative Coding
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[Collaboration with Betha Suwarso]
Branding elements for Gasingku, a modern and Jakarta-inspired take on the traditional Indonesian spinning toy.

Signs of the Times
Climate Emergency,
Creative Coding
Investigating the role of climate tweets on twitter and it’s potential to spread false information that leads to climate change denial through digitally fabricated protest banners generated from the combination of 10,000 climate related tweets. 

Seaside Story 
[with London Postal Museum]
Interactive UI, Creative Coding
A mobile website & museum installation in which the children could scan certain postcards and create a crowd sourced online storybook through drawing. 

Interactive, Game
A twist on the traditional battleship game with the aim of teaching the British Sign Language alphabet

Power in Perempuan
[D&AD New Blood Brief]
Interactive UI, Motion 
A 5 day design sprint in response to a D&AD New Blood Brief.

Using music and crowd sourced material to educate artists and the Indonesian population about the real, respectful meaning of the word ‘perempuan’ (women)

Illustrations for Touchnote - a web/mobile based platform for sending physical postcards to anywhere in the world

Daily P5 Experiments
Creative Coding
Various interactive and static graphic coding experiments created with P5.JS