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Interactive/Game Design

University brief

Brief to learn something in a week and create a teaching tool in response to it

Battle-ship/sign is a game for any age (although it is most suitable for people ages 10+ due to the level of literacy difficulty). It is based on the classic game of battleship, a two player strategy type guessing game using mainly letters and numbers. The aim of this game is to create a fun and playful way to learn the British Sign Language alphabet. Signing the letters as opposed to saying it out loud would enable the players to eventually learn and memorize the alphabet. In addition, competitiveness would also factor in faster memorization, after all, everyone wants to win, and if you interpret the opponents signs incorrectly, you could jeopardize your own ships.

The game is designed to be printed on paper as I want it to be as acessible as possible for everyone to learn BSL. It is free to download and non commercial distribution, download the sheet