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Planetarium Jakarta Redesign

︎︎︎ Year of creation                       

Brand identity


A (hypothetical) brand identity redesign for Planetarium Jakarta, one of only 4 space education recreation sites in Indonesia. Having been built in 1964 without many changes ever since, Planetarium Jakarta currently does not have a universal design guideline for it’s physical and online presence, this redesign is an attemp to change that.

The design is focused towards giving Planetarium Jakarta a fresh and modern face and creating an enhanced information hierarchy throughout all it’s designs while still being true to it’s original roots.

        01                                  Logo & Typeface

        02                                                  Posters

        03                                               Brochure

        04                                    Entrance Ticket

        05                                    Merchandise & ID

        06                                    Wayfinding Banners