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Say Her Name

︎︎︎ Year of creation                       
2018 (Expanded in 2020)

Branding / Service

University brief
This project is featured In “Foundation: Key Lessons in Art and Design” by Lucy Alexander and Tim Meara (2019) and Central Saint Martins Official Foundation Guide (2019)

With the currently evolving #MeToo movement, I decided to enhance the public’s knowledge and encourage them to watch more female-led movies through having a list inside of their popcorn boxes. In doing so, they would hopefully help increase the number of views therefore creating more demand of female-led movies. This project is then revisited and reiterated into a movie festival plan.

        01                                 Merchandise Packaging - Popcorn Case (2018)

The idea is that after finishing the box, the audience would discover the prompt in the bottom, and a list of movies to keep and cross off. 

*PS: I’m also expanding my list so if you have any reccommendations please send them my way!

        02                                 Film Festival Promotional Posters (2020)

        03                                 Movie Festival / Women Filmmakers Networking Event

        03                                 Merchandise

        Name tags to be used in the networking event

The main merchandise would be a fully customizable totebag. The audience could use the stamps provided at the event to put and amplify a name of their choosing on the totebag, it could be as famous as an award winner director or as familiar as their own name or a friend. Wearing this around would hopefully spark interest in the people seeing the bag into googling who the person is. 

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