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The Climate Conversation Plant

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Creative Coding/Product Design

University brief featured at Central Saint Martins x Think & Do Climate Emergency Workshop

This project explores the significance of unnecessary British weather talk1and an imaginative, a more sustainable future if people talked about a topic as urgent as climate change instead.

To do so, The Climate Conversation Plant uses a voice activated program that listens to unique key phrases surrounding the topic of weater and responds with factual climate change statements based on the book ‘The Uninhibitable Earth’ by David-Wallace-Wells. This plant hosted device is then placed in social settings throughout London. By disrupting and creating conversation, I hope that this experience could make climate change a continuing subject matter in everyday conversation.
ad and non commercial distribution, download the sheet

1A recent study uncovers that the average British person spends the equivalent of 4,5 months of their lives talking about the weather.