Diandra Elmira 

A designer & creative fusing spatial and digital to create innovative experiences.

Ford Virtual Test Drive Digital ExperienceUser experience & interface design
An immersive virtual test drive experience for the launch of Ford’s new, all-electric Explorer SUV. Powered by the gaming platform, Unreal Engine, now everybody can sit in the new explorer and escape the city by driving along a picturesque desert or majestic mountain course.
Major League BaseballPhysical ExperienceUser interface design

Score screens for MLB Home Run Derby X and The Cage at MLB London Series 2023, a new revolutionary format for baseball. The Cage is a dimension-defying new baseball game that blended reality and virtual gameplay. Using the latest ball-tracking technology, players smashed physical baseballs that were then digitally visualised soaring over iconic landmarks.
Visa Masters of Movement VR Experience
Digital ExperienceUser experience & interface design

A digital rendition of Visa's Masters of Movement, made possible through virtual reality. The experience merges athletic prowess with digital creativity, using cutting-edge technology to turn football movements into dynamic digital art, instantly mintable as NFTs. Any sensational goals or skilful moves enhance the experience with an explosion of colour and sound, making for a memorable match.  
Shifting Stages
Digital ExperienceConcept, design, and development

A series of playful web experiments in response to how the ongoing pandemic shifted the landscape of the performance industry. These experiments use computation to investigate how performative movement could be used in connection to other creative fields such as graphic communication design.  
Google Year in Search 2022
Digital ExperienceContent & interface design

A digital zeitgeist of the year's most-searched events. We crafted an immersive exploration of the year's highlights, inviting users to relive memorable moments from their corner of the world. I contributed to the localized Year in Search experience across EMEA regions diving into regional Google Trends data, capturing interesting insights, and creating content through illustrating, photography, and image sourcing to populate the experience. 
Spotify Nearby
Digital ExperienceUser experience & interface design

A proposed feature for Spotify designed to bridge connections through music. By leveraging location-based sharing, users can effortlessly discover and share tracks that resonate with them, fostering deeper connections with friends and artists alike. With Spotify Nearby, music becomes the thread that weaves us closer together, amplifying the joy of discovery in every corner of the world.
Google Brand Studio AR Wall
Digital ExperienceUser experience & interface design, web development

Google's Brand Standards brought to life by a series of captivating posters scattered across the  London office. Each poster has an augmented reality layer upon scanning, injecting an extra dose of interactivity into the workspace ambiance.
The Postal Museum: Seaside Story
Digital ExperienceUser experience & interface design

An innovative web application designed to enrich the experience of The Postal Museum’s postcard exhibition. This project leverages creative storytelling and augmented reality (AR) technology to engage children and families, transforming how they interact with historical postcards. By integrating AR and interactive drawing features, Seaside Stories allows users to explore, create, and share their unique narratives, enhancing their visit to the museum.
Projects not available due to confidentiality 
2022CostaUI + UX Redesigning a new F&B experience for Costa across the UK

2022Rolls Royce Motor CarsUIWeb experiences surrounding RR’s Global Dealer Conference 2023
2022Universal Studios Creative conception Reimagining the future of universal park studios experiences

2023Tommy HilfigerCreative conception Experiential pop-ups for Tommy Hilfiger AW 23/24 collection

2023Steve MaddenCreative + Brand + UIExperiental event for Steve Madden’s upcoming collection

2023Jaguar Land RoverUIExperiental event 
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